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How to Make a Diminished Value Car Insurance Claim

How to make a diminished value car insurance claim. You must own or finance the vehicle (No leases).
The accident was NOT your fault.
Your car is less than 10 years old. Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade

Is My Diminished Value Claim in Florida Worth Pursuing?

Your vehicle is an asset. Maintaining the value of your vehicle and protecting your investment is always worth it. After an accident, you may be happy that it has been repaired, but you likely have not been made whole. James M. Rosenberg, Esq. 954.860.0079

Recover the Loss in Resale Value of Your Car

After an accident, the sad reality is that it is almost impossible to retain the car’s pre-accident value. A decrease in your car’s value after an accident is known as “Diminished Value.” The Florida court system recognizes that the at-fault driver’s insurance company is required to pay for the inherent Diminished Value of the vehicle. […]

First party diminished value claims in Florida

A first party diminished value claim is an owner’s claim against his own insurance provider. The sad reality today is that after an accident, it’s almost impossible to retain the car’s pre-accident value. As a general rule, first party diminished value claims are not recognized under Florida law. If you suffer an accident and there […]